Loose Dogs

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 Nuisance Dogs 

Most of our residents are responsible dog owners who keep their dogs confined on their property as the Wilson County Animal Control Ordinance. requires.  If you have dogs, please find a way to keep your dogs on your property.  If necessary, install an “invisible” fence. 

If you experience problems with a dog but don’t know who it belongs to, post a photo of it on NextDoor.com along with an explanation of the problems it is causing.  If you know who the owners are, try to resolve it with them.  If this doesn’t work, the sheriff’s department is responsible for enforcing the animal control ordinance, not Shannon Ridge HOA.  To engage the sheriff’s department, do the following:

1.  Take photos of the dog running loose to prove the violation; deputies can’t act without proof.  If possible, take a video of the dog in the act of creating the nuisance.

2.  Take photos of the dog on the owner’s property and jot down the owner’s address and any information that will help prove ownership of the dog including who shelters, feeds, waters, or plays with the dog. 

3.  Call the sheriff’s department (830-393-2535), insist on speaking to a deputy, and do the following:

   a. Ask for the deputy’s name and the case number and write both down.

   b. Explain the problem, inform the deputy that you have photos, and ask the deputy to issue a citation.

   c. Keep notes of your conversation. 

   d. If the deputy gives you the run-around, call the sheriff’s department and insist on speaking to the deputy’s supervisor, usually a corporal.  If the corporal doesn’t resolve the problem, insist on speaking to a sergeant.

4.  Be prepared to contact the sheriff’s department on multiple occasions.  Each time you see a violation involving the same owner, repeat the steps above and reference the case numbers of your previous complaints. 

5.   Report all animal bites to the sheriff’s department.

Wilson County Animal Control Ordinance.

Texas Animal Control Ord. # 822.013 (Dogs or Coyotes That Attack Animals)

Complete State of Texas Animal Control Ordinance.