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No Current Items 

No Current Items

This Lost and Found page is for listing items or pets recently lost or found in Shannon Ridge. Items will normally be listed for a period of 30 days.

In order to discourage "theft for reward" or other scams, no mention of any reward will be posted here.

If you have lost or found an item and wish to post it here, or have listed an item and it has been returned to it's rightful owner, please e-mail Webmaster Randy Davis so that it can be added or removed on a timely basis.

Lost or Found Pets

To place a notice, please e-mail our Webmaster, Randy Davis, and include photos if possible.  If you find a pet with a rabies tag, call the vet listed on the tag so they can contact the owner.  If the pet has no identification, contact Wilson County Lost and Found Animals at (210)778-7129 and leave a message; a board member of that organization will return your call.  You can also send a message to them via Facebook. Wilson County News has a free Lost and Found section, Wilson County News Lost & Found. Consider posting your items there too.

If you find a missing pet, it is a good idea to call the offices of the various local  veterinarians and give them a description of the animal in case they are notified of the lost pet by the animals owner. Also consider taking the animal to a local vet so they can scan for an implanted microchip I.D. ear tag. Most vets will provide this service free of charge.

For more information on finding lost pets please visit the website How To Find A Lost Cat Or Dog


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No Current Items