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Safety -  Crime Prevention - Neighborhood Watch

If You even THINK you see something suspicious in our neighborhood,
 Call  Wilson County Sheriff's Office at 911

Wilson County Sheriff's Dept.  NON - Emergency Number

Fraudulent E-Mail Regarding Wildblue / Exede Internet Billing
Click here for details


Can they find YOU in an EMERGENCY ?

SECONDS COUNT in an emergency situation.

Help Emergency Services (Sheriff, Fire Department, Ambulance) find your home in an emergency.

Display your house number in a clear and conspicuous manner, preferably lighted or with reflective numbers, so that your home can be located quickly even at night. IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE !


U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry.

Fraud / Internet Security


Does something sound too good to be true? - It probably IS !

Click on the links below to protect yourself and your money.

A Parents Guide To Social Networking In 2013

Identity Theft And Credit Protection Guide

Credit Card Fraud Protection and Safety Guide

Guide To Consumer Awareness

Frauds and Scams

On Line Fraud Prevention

 How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams

Scams, Urban Legends & Other False Information

CON ARTISTS: How To Spot And Stop Them

Work at Home Scams

Health Scams

Infomercial Scams

San Antonio Police Department - SCAM NET SCAM PREVENTION ALERTS

Vehicle Repair Scams

Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds

Urban Legends Reference Pages

BBB  NATIONWIDE  Database Search 

Internet "Phishing" Scams

Phishers spam users with e-mails posing as legitimate messages from sources such as banks, credit card companies, and retailers. Links in the messages draw recipients to bogus Web sites which are crafted to closely mimic the real deal, where they're asked to divulge personal financial information. Typically, phishing messages demand users update account data, which can include credit card and bank account numbers. The attackers then purloin the information and use it to purchase goods or transfer funds out of the user's account.

Home Security


Make your home a tough target for burglars

Click on the links below for home security information & tips

Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing

Home Safety Tips For Seniors

Home Security D.I.Y.

Wildfire Prevention

Community Watch for Home and Neighborhood Security
U.S. Alarm Companies

Fire Safety

Fireworks Safety

Tips To Keep Your Home From Being Burglarized

Crime Doctor Security Tips

Burglary Prevention Tips

Home Invasion

Burglary Prevention Tips and More

Family Security Tips

20 Home Security Tips

How To Avoid Disaster Repair Rip-offs

Motor Vehicle Safety and Security

Don't be a vehicle theft or accident victim

Click on the links below for vehicle security and safety information & tips

Safe Driving

Auto Safety & Tips

Texas Transportation Code
Includes Texas Traffic Laws

Vehicle Security


Auto Theft Facts


Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

Health Safety Issues

Texas Snakes & More

The Venomous Snakes of Texas

Texas Spiders

Texas Scorpions

Poisonous Plants

National Capital Poison Center   Phone = 1 (800) 222-1222

Medical Toxicology Resources

Quit Smoking

Pet Health and Safety

Veterinary Insider

American Veterinary Medical Assoc.

How To Find A Lost Cat Or Dog

Law Enforcement Links 

Visit YOUR Texas Dept. of Public Safety - Website.

NOTE: You can change address on your Texas Driver's License, renew your Texas Driver's License, renew your Texas Vehicle Registration, and check your Texas Driving Record on - line here.



U.S. Postal Inspection Service
File a mail fraud complaint on - line.


Visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute - Website.



Starting and Growing a Neiborhood Watch - Website

Visit the FBI - Website


Visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Website

Visit the National Sheriff's Association - Website

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

Law Enforcement / Safety Careers

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