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JULY 2,  2020


Dear Friends,

Here’s the latest news:

1.  Traffic light status.  According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the project to install a traffic light at the dangerous intersection of HWY 181 and Shannon Ridge Dr should begin by late summer.  If you have any questions, please contact, 210-615-6308.

2.  Animal shelter donations and volunteers needed.  Donations to finish the Wilson County No Kill Animal Shelter ( can be made via FaceBook or PayPal at ( or call 830-333-3888 to donate via credit card.  They are also in great need of volunteers.  If you can help, call 830-333-3888.

3.  Q & A:  Loose dogs.

Q:  What can be done about loose dogs?  Some are aggressive.  Many knock over trash cans and tear into the trash creating a mess.  Some dart in front of cars creating a traffic hazard.

A:   If you have dogs, please be a good neighbor and a responsible pet owner and obey the county ordinance; find a way to keep your dogs on your property.  If necessary, install an “invisible” fence.  If loose dogs are bothering you, visit our website,, scroll down and click on "Loose Dogs," and follow the instructions.

4.  Special thanks to those who proudly fly the American and military service flags and keep them looking sharp.

God bless, thanks so much for your support, and have a great July 4th!

Ken Costa
President, SRHOA



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May 15, 2020



Dear Friends,

Here’s the latest news:

1. Burning opportunity. This is a great time to burn brush piles and other items before it gets dry and the county imposes a burn ban. It's safest to burn on calm days.

2. Q & A: Off-road vehicle complaint.

Q: Four-wheelers and other off-road vehicles create quite a nuisance going around and around on lots or our roads; isn’t this prohibited?


A: Yes. Shannon Ridge is a restricted subdivision, not a track for off-road vehicles. Most residents choose to live in our neighborhood because of its quiet and peaceful nature as required by our restrictions. Operate off-road vehicles at a track outside our subdivision such as Cycle Ranch Motocross Park (, 2066 CR 405, Floresville, TX. It is also illegal to operate any off-road vehicle on the roads.

3. Volunteers needed to water the plants at our entrance. If you can help, please contact Margie Davis at  and cc me.

4. Snake identification. Our webmaster extraordinaire, Randy Davis, has posted a wealth of information on our website,, including information on snake identification.

5. Hazardous waste collection event. The spring event has been cancelled because of COVID-19. They hope to host an event this fall. We'll pass on details when they publicize them later this year.

6. Many thanks to all who help keep Shannon Ridge such an attractive and peaceful neighborhood. Special thanks to those who have “adopted” portions of our roadsides and empty lots to keep them free of litter and other refuse.

God bless, thanks so much for your loyal support, and have a great weekend!

Ken Costa
President, SRHOA



Please join us to help keep Shannon Ridge a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood.

Annual dues are only $50.

Complete this form and mail it with your check, payable to Shannon Ridge HOA, to 873 Paddy Rd, Floresville, TX 78114-6533.

Or you can give me the check (or cash) and this form when you see my wife, Janelle, and me picking up trash along our roads.


Lot address:  ____________________________________________________________ 

Mailing address (if different):  _______________________________________________

Home phone #:  ____________________________________ 

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 Co-owner’s/spouse’s full name:  _____________________________________________

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Ken Costa
President, SRHOA