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November 3, 2018

Hi Members!  Here’s the latest news:

1.  SRHOA membership fee due this fall.  Please send a check for $50, payable to Shannon Ridge HOA, to 873 Paddy Rd, Floresville, TX 78114-6533.  Or you can give me your check (or cash) when you see Janelle and me picking up trash along our roads.  Your support will help keep our beautiful and peaceful community a great place to live. 

 Shannon Ridge HOA Meeting, Sunday, December 9, 2 PM, 897 Paddy Rd.  If you can attend, please let me know and bring a comfortable chair.

 Vehicles vs. deer.  Here are a few tips to avoid injuring or killing them and incurring costly repairs to your vehicle.
 Follow the 30-mph speed limit.  If you see a deer, immediately slow way down and look for others since they are herd animals.  Be prepared to stop since they can panic and dart in front of or kamikaze into the side of your vehicle.  Don't tailgate and be prepared to slow down or stop when following another vehicle as they may spot danger before you do.


4.  Veterans Day salute!  We salute all our veterans and their families for their dedicated service and sacrifice for our country.  Special thanks to those who proudly fly the American and military service flags and keep them looking sharp.


5.  Many thanks to those who helped make Halloween such a success for our kids especially those who provided treats.   

God bless and thanks so much for your loyal support! 

Ken Costa, Colonel, USAF, Retired
President, SRHOA


Previous Newsletter
September 22, 2018

1.  Halloween, October 31.  Volunteers needed.  Please let me know if you can hand out treats so I can add your address to the list of participants for the drivers.  Schedule:  

  6:45 PM:  Drivers assemble at the corner of Lucky Ln and Shamrock Dr.  If no one will be home to hand out treats, please bring them with you for distribution at the assembly point.   

  7:00-8:30 PM:  Hand out treats.  Setting up near the road will speed up the process.  However, if you elect to hand out treats from your house, be sure to put something near the road to identify your house for the drivers.


2.  Fall Cleanup/Maintenance.  Fall is a great time to spruce up your property. 

     a. Stone, brick, lumber, pipes, metal, concrete blocks, pallets, tires, fencing and other materials must be removed from lots or stored within an enclosure (such as a shed or privacy fence) to completely shield them from view from the road and surrounding lots.  For leftover stone and brick, some people place them around their trees to artfully decorate their yard or use them for an outdoor fireplace or walkway. 

     b. Refuse and junk.  Please dispose of in your trash container, haul to the dump, or burn.

     c. All structures must be of neat appearance.  Please make necessary repairs and give them a fresh coat of paint. 

     d. Metal for cash.  HWY 181 Recycle Center (210-633-9098) pays cash for all kinds of metal, including vehicles.


3. Free disposal of tires, electronics, and a variety of household hazardous waste.  Saturday, October 20, 2018, 8 AM – 12 PM.  Wilson County Pct. 3 yard, 511 7th St, Southerland Springs, TX.  Bring proof of address.  For details, call 1-866-345-7272. 

4.  Many thanks to all who help keep Shannon Ridge such an attractive and peaceful neighborhood.  Special thanks to Judy Feuge and Patrick Hutzler for organizing the garage sale.

God bless, thanks so much for your loyal support, and have a great weekend! 

Ken Costa
President, SRHOA



Please join us to help keep Shannon Ridge a beautiful and peaceful neighborhood.

Annual dues are only $50.

Complete this form and mail it with your check, payable to Shannon Ridge HOA, to 873 Paddy Rd, Floresville, TX 78114-6533.

Or you can give me the check (or cash) and this form when you see my wife, Janelle, and me picking up trash along our roads.


Lot address:  ____________________________________________________________ 

Mailing address (if different):  _______________________________________________

Home phone #:  ____________________________________ 

Owner’s full name:  _______________________________________________________

Cell phone #:  _____________________________________

 E-mail address:  ____________________________________________________

 Co-owner’s/spouse’s full name:  _____________________________________________

 Cell phone #:  _____________________________________

 Email address:  ____________________________________________________ 

Ken Costa
President, SRHOA