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Subdivision Restrictions

Subdivision Restrictions

*Attention:  Prospective Buyers, Realtors, Builders, and Remodelers*

The Estates at Shannon Ridge is a restricted subdivision.  The restrictions below are very reasonable and are designed to keep our beautiful, peaceful, pastoral community a great place to live and protect our property values.  Since Shannon Ridge HOA strictly enforces these restrictions, please read them very carefully.  We welcome questions; just email our president, Ken Costa, at




Note: This is an extract of the official Subdivision Restrictions on file at the Wilson County Clerk’s office (830-393-7308).  Explanatory comments, clarifications, and interpretations are in brackets.





Section 1.  "Properties" shall mean and refer to THE ESTATES AT SHANNON RIDGE, as shown by the plat thereof recorded in the Map or Plat Records of Wilson County, Texas, subject to the Reservations set forth herein and/or in the Subdivision Plats, and any additional properties made subject to the terms hereof, pursuant to the provisions set forth herein.  [The Subdivision Plats are located at the Wilson County Clerk’s office (830-393-7308).]


Section 2.  ‘‘Lot" and/or ‘‘Lots" shall mean and refer to the lots shown upon the Subdivision Plats.



Reservations, Exceptions and Dedications


Section 1.  The Subdivision Plats dedicate for use as such, subject to the limitations set forth therein, the streets and easements shown thereon, and such Subdivision Plats further establish certain restrictions applicable to the Properties including without limitation, certain minimum setback lines.


Section 2.  Any fences constructed in any easement area that would block entrance (access) to any main electric line or tap electric line or to any water line would require a gate or gap of 12 feet minimum width installed by the lot owner to allow access to the easement.  No trees shall be planted and no buildings shall be constructed in any easement area.


Section 3.  Neither Developer nor any utility company serving the subdivision and using the easements herein referred to shall be liable for any damages done by them or their assigns, their agents, employees or servants, to fences, shrubbery, trees or flowers, or other property of the Owner situated on the land covered by said easements.


Use Restrictions


Section 1.  Land Uses and Building Type.  

All Lots shall be used for residential purposes only…no structure shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any Residential Lots other than one…single-family or duplex dwelling not to exceed two (2) stories in height (excluding a basement), and a detached or attached garage or carport for not more than four (4) cars.  [Metal homes, prefabricated homes, and modular homes are prohibited.]  In addition to the primary residence, either one garage apartment may be constructed above the garage or carport as described above, or one guest house may be placed on the lot.  Any such guest house must be attached to the main dwelling by a common roof, which attachment may be by a common roof over an open breezeway or carport.  There may be only one garage apartment or one connected guest house, but not both.


After the construction of a residence, there also may be constructed greenhouses, barns, shop buildings and other outbuilding [such as a storage shed, machine shed, dog house, etc.], so long as each is of neat appearance.  [The operative word here is “after.”  You cannot build or place other structures (including portable structures) on your lot until after the construction of the residence.]


No mobile home or manufactured home (single-wide or doublewide) may be placed on [, assembled,] or used on any lot.  [The home must be built on site.]


As used herein the term "residential purposes" shall be construed to prohibit the use of said Lots for apartment houses and for commercial duplex houses or garage apartments, but duplex houses and garage apartments for non-commercial use and which meet all of the minimum size and other requirements of these subdivision restrictions, may be placed on lots.  [Other commercial enterprises are also prohibited.  However, limited business activities are allowed such as telecommuting, maintaining an office at home, Avon, Mary Kay, etc.  Just be sure that your activities don’t expand or evolve into a commercial enterprise.]


No residence shall be occupied until water service is connected and an approved private sewage is installed.  [Obtain septic permits from the Wilson County Health and Safety Office (830-393-8351.]  Lot Owners shall not excavate, remove or sell the soil, nor cut, sell or remove timber other than as necessary for the construction of residential and associated improvements upon the property and as may be necessary for the reasonable use, upkeep and maintenance of the property.


Section 2.  Dwelling size.  Any single-story residence or garage apartment on any lot must have floor area of the main residential structure, exclusive of porches, breezeways and garages, of not less than 1400 square feet, and any 1 1/2 story or 2 story dwelling must have total floor area of both floors of not less than 1600 square feet, exclusive of porches, breezeways and garages.  [A guest house must meet these requirements and be connected to the primary residence as described in Section 1.]


Section 3.  Type of Construction Materials.  All structures must be constructed with new materials, except that used brick, stone, wooden beams, doors, and the like may be used for antique effect if such use is appropriate for the structure and does not detract from the appearance of the structure or the subdivision.  Any residence, garage, duplex house, or garage apartment must be erected upon a concrete slab foundation….[Pier and beam construction, for example, is prohibited.]


Section 4.  Lot lines/setbacks.  

No dwelling or structure shall be located closer than 25 feet to the lot line facing any street and no closer than 15 feet from the back and side lot lines….[No permanent or portable structures such as buildings, carports, decks, doghouses, gazebos, arbors, etc. can encroach into the setback areas.]  "Back and side lot lines", respectively, as used in this paragraph, in respect to any two or more contiguous whole lots owned by the same owner and used as a single building site, shall mean, respectively, the outermost back lot lines and side lot lines considering said contiguous whole lots as one lot.  However, in the event that a single owner shall own two or more adjacent lots, and shall thereafter convey one lot to any third party, the interior lot lines between the lots then owned by separated owners shall be burdened by the setback lines described herein.


Section 5.  Minimum Lot Area.  No lot shall be subdivided….


 Section 6.  Temporary Structures and temporary occupancy.

Camping is permitted for no more than 14 days of any 30-day period.  [Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to camp on a lot for more than 14 days of any 30-day period.  This applies before, during, and after the construction of the house.]


Otherwise, no travel trailer, motor home, tent, garage, barn or other outbuilding or structure other than a residence meeting all of the requirements of these subdivision restrictions shall be occupied as a temporary residence….[You cannot live on your lot in anything other than a residence that meets all of the requirements of the restrictions.  Furthermore, you cannot construct or place on your lot any type of building until after the completion of your house as required by Section 1.]


No travel trailer, motor home, tent, other structure of temporary character shall at any time be left on any lot except (1) during construction of a permanent structure, or (2) after completion and occupancy of a residence on the lot.  [Only after you have poured the foundation of your house can you leave your travel trailer, motor home, or tent on your lot.  However, no one is allowed to camp in them before, during, or after the construction of your house for more than 14 days of any 30-day period.]


No residence shall be occupied even on a temporary basis until water service is connected and approved sanitary sewage disposal facilities are installed [as required by Section 1].


Section 7.  Fences.  All fences must be constructed with new materials.  [Stay within your lot lines.]


Section 8.  Driveways.  No driveway [or culvert] shall be constructed on any lot until [you obtain a permit from the Wilson County Health and Safety Office (830-393-8351)].  They must also inspect the completed work.  A dip driveway is easier and cheaper to build than one with a culvert which is rarely necessary given our sandy soil.  If you choose to install a culvert, the ends must be cut at a 45-degree angle or less.]


Section 9.  Completion of Construction.  Exterior construction of a dwelling shall be completed within 6 months.  [Other structures must be completed without undue delay.  Immediately after construction of any structure, all refuse must be removed from your lot, and all leftover materials must be removed or properly stored as described in Section 12.  Do not allow waste concrete or other refuse to be illegally dumped on the roadsides or other lots.]


Section 10.  Water Wells.  No water wells shall be drilled on any lot until [you obtain a permit from the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation District (830- 569-4186).]  No water well shall be drilled within 50 feet of any electric utility easement.  Site location for any water well must be such that any required sanitary easement is provided for and contained on that lot.  It is the intent hereof to prohibit any water well which might impair or limit in any way whatsoever the use of any other lot or adjoining land because of the water well and sanitation requirements related to same.


Section 11.  Hunting/Firearms.  Hunting and discharging of firearms are expressly prohibited in the subdivision.  [Hunting by any means—firearms, archery, pellet gun, etc.—is prohibited.  To report violations of this section, call the game warden (210-213-9180) or the Sheriff’s Department (830-393-2535).]


Section 12.  Storage, Garbage, Refuse, and Prohibited Items.  

No Lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish.  [Keep your lot free of refuse and junk.    You can burn refuse in a barrel.  Do not put trash, cardboard, scrap lumber, pallets, old furniture, or other refuse on the ground or on brush piles unless you are going to burn it that very day.  Metal of all kinds can be sold for cash at HWY 181 Recycle Center, 210-633-9098, 12449 S US HWY 181, San Antonio, TX 78233.]


No Lot shall be used for the open storage of any materials whatsoever, which storage is visible from the road, except that any new building materials used in the construction of improvements erected upon any lot may be placed upon such Lot at the time construction is commenced and may be maintained thereon for a reasonable time, as long as the construction progresses without undue delay, until the completion of the improvements, after which those materials shall either be removed from the Lot or stored in a suitable enclosure on the Lot.  [Examples of materials include:  stone, brick, lumber, tile, concrete blocks, shingles, pipes, metal, fencing materials, etc.  Unless you are currently engaged in a construction project progressing without undue delay, all materials, pallets, and storage racks must be kept within a suitable enclosure (such as a fully-enclosed shed or privacy fence) to completely shield them from view from the roads and surrounding lots.]


No leaves, brush, timber, debris, or trash of any nature shall be permitted to be placed, disposed of or burned within the road right-of-ways [from the center of the road, 30 feet on each side].


No inoperative or unsightly vehicles shall be stored or kept on any lot, and no automobile or other vehicle shall be kept on any lot for the purpose of repairs except in an enclosed garage or in facilities protected from the view of the public and other residents.  [All vehicles visible from the road or adjacent lots must be fully assembled, fully operative, of neat appearance, and currently registered with current license plates and registration sticker.  All vehicles awaiting or undergoing repair, maintenance, or restoration and all tools, equipment, supplies, tires, rims, and other parts must be kept inside a fully-enclosed garage or in facilities (such as a fully-enclosed shop or machine shed) with the door shut to completely shield them from view.] 


No automobile, truck, trailer or other vehicle shall be abandoned on this property, nor shall there be any dumping or placing of unsightly objects of any kind on the property.


Section 13.  Use of Lot as Roadway.  No lot or any part of a lot shall be used as a street, access road, or public thoroughfare….


General Provisions


Section 1.  Animals.  Provided that such use does not create any condition conflicting with the residential nature of the subdivision, the following animals may be raised or kept on the property:


1.  Household pets, such as cats, dogs and birds.  [The operative phrase here is “household pets,” meaning pets that are commonly kept in the house such as cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, parakeets, parrots, and finches.  Barnyard animals are not household pets.]


2.  Livestock raised as a supervised [4-H or FFA] school project, for so long as used for a school project.  [You must provide documentation from the 4-H or FFA official to Shannon Ridge HOA before placing the livestock on your lot.]


3.  Horses and cattle, provided that a total of no more than one head per acre of area (with the size of the lot rounded either up or down to the nearest even acre) is kept on the lot.  [Except for 4-H and FFA projects described above, all other livestock are prohibited.  Here are a few examples of prohibited species:  pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys, mules, alpacas, llamas, chickens, guinea fowl, peacocks, emus, ostriches, and domestic ducks, geese, and turkeys.]


Otherwise, no animals may be raised or maintained on any lot.


In no case shall any commercial feed lot operations be allowed, nor the breeding and raising of animals as a commercial operation.  [For example, dog breeding operations are prohibited.]


[The Wilson County Animal Control Ordinance requires residents to keep their animals from running loose.  Report violations to the Sheriff’s Department (830-393-2535).]


Section 2.  Parking. 

Both prior to and after the occupancy of a dwelling on any tract, the Owner shall provide appropriate space for off-road parking for his vehicles.


All vehicles parked on Lots must have current [safety] inspection and license registration.


No trucks or trailers of the 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig type or size shall be parked on or adjacent to any lot.  [Neither tractor trucks nor semi-trailers are allowed.]


Section 3.  Sewage Treatment.  No outside toilet will be permitted. No sanitary sewage disposal system shall be installed on any lot until a permit is issued by the [Wilson County Health and Safety Office (830-393-8351).]


Section 4.  Covenants Running with the Land.  All of the restrictions, covenants and easements herein provided for and adopted apply to each and every Lot, and shall be covenants running with the land.  The Owner of any Lot shall have the right to either prevent a breach of any such restriction or covenant or to enforce the performance thereof.  


Section 6.  Nuisances.  No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon the above described property, nor shall any act be performed thereon which shall or may become an annoyance or nuisance to other owners of tracts in the above referenced property.


[Music:  Keep the volume and base of music way down so as not to disturb others.]


[Off-road vehicles (such as motorbikes, ATVs, UTVs, dune buggies, other 4-wheelers, etc.):  Shannon Ridge is a restricted subdivision, not a track for off-road vehicles; operate them at a track outside of our subdivision such as Cycle Ranch Motocross Park (, 2066 CR 405, 2.5 miles east of Floresville, TX.]


[Furthermore, the operation of any off-road vehicle (including golf carts) on our roads is illegal.  Report violations to the Sheriff’s Department (830-393-2535).]


Section 7.  Partial Invalidity.  Invalidation of any covenant or restriction (by Court Judgment or otherwise) shall not affect, in any way, the validity of all other covenants and restrictions, all of which shall remain in full force and effect.  Acquiescence in any violation shall not be deemed a waiver of the right to enforce against the violator or others the conditions so violated or any other conditions.


Developers:   W. C. Hammer, President, Land Systems Company and Glenn Dixon, President, Martex Corporation.




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